\ ka’-la-loo \

: a type of soup that is never made the same way twice, much like many of the company’s artisan products. The soup is made in a social environment of family and friends with many stories being told over the chopping of ingredients.




Kalalou's Mission: to professionally serve our customers' needs and maximize their profits through investments in Kalalou products.

To help ensure our mission, we have a professionally trained in-house sales and marketing staff to serve, inform and direct our customers in their selections of Kalalou products. Our team of Kalalou specialists is well informed on what is trending and retailing in your area as well as across the country. By spending a few minutes with them by phone, you will gain the following:

* Learn about our best sellers and hear recommendations for your store and area.

* Learn availability of products and lead times.

* Gain insight from the up-to-date, valuable information compiled from all types of retailers and research from across the country

* Profit from timely phone call reminders of what you have bought, receive recommendations on what to reorder, and help with planning your future events.

* Receive information on specials and opportunities to increase your sales and profits.

* Get a quick review of our catalogue to save you time by sharing how the catalogue is organized and where products of interest for your store are located.

* Assist you in keeping a good stock-to-sales ratio of Kalalou best sellers during your peak selling seasons.

* Your will learn that our overall objective is assisting you in "having the right product, at the right price, at the right time and in the right place in your store."

We wish you much success in your business and appreciate your consideration of Kalalou!