Kalalou is unique in product and service to our customers. After several years of having outside sales reps, we now have our own professionally trained in-house sales team. Our team is well informed after taking retail sales and marketing courses, working major markets and interacting with a variety of retailers across the country. They are here to share ideas and assist you in making good choices for your store.

A few of the many things we do for our customers are:

  • Share our best sellers for your type of store and geographic area.
  • Give up to date availability of products and shipping lead times.
  • Be a constant conduit of valuable information compiled and shared from all types of stores across the United States.
  • Timely phone call reminders of what you have purchased, recommended reorders and updates on what is selling well that you may need to consider.
  • Informing you of specials and opportunities to increase your profits.
  • A quick review of our catalogue to save you time by sharing how the catalogue is organized and where products of interest are located.
  • Assist you in keeping a good stock-to-sales ratio of Kalalou’s best sellers during your peak selling seasons.
  • Our overall objective is assisting you in having the right product, at the right price, at the right time and in the right place in your store.

We are pleased to present our sales and marketing team and the states in which they work. Click here to meet OUR TEAM or contact them at 800-249-4229.

ASHLEY QUICK   CT | DC | DE | ID | KS | MS | NE | RI | OK | WV |
CA2 (90XXX, 91XXX, 92XXX, 93XXX)     1 800 249 4229 x173

CLARA KILMAN   FL | CO | ME | MT | NH | NM | ND | SD | WA | PA |
CA1 (94XXX, 95XXX, 96XXX)     1 800 249 4229 x172

KRISTY MOORE   AK | AZ | HI | IA | MA | MN | OR | SC | TN | WI |
TX1 (75XXX, 76XXX, 78XXX)     1 800 249 4229 x181

MORGAN STRINGER   AL | IL | IN | KY | MI | NC | NY | OH | UT | VA | WY     1 800 249 4229 x175

TX2 (77XXX, 78XXX)     1 800 249 4229 x177