Celebrating 30 Years of Kalalou with Spring/Summer 2016!

We invite you to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Kalalou with our new and expanded Spring/Summer catalog. Featuring 450 new products plus our original stories remembering 30 years of adventures, it's our most exciting release yet! Contact your sales rep today for more information.

It was a beautiful sun drenched day in the colorful market square of Ocho Rios, Jamaica when fate tapped us on the shoulder. That was 30 years ago... we were young, creative and energetic. But, mostly we were naive. We didn’t know about all the things that could go wrong in growing a business. And so we embarked on a journey that has brought us to where we are today. Had we known of the challenges and obstacles that were possible, we never would have taken that first step of importing baskets from Jamaica to Mississippi. But, we did take that step and the many steps afterwards for 30 years. Our cover shows a 30 year old photograph of Mr. Fire, our first basket weaver. Sadly he passed away in 2005, but will live forever in our hearts and history. It has been quite a ride, and we are reliving some of our great adventures of growing a business with some old stories in this catalog. We hope you enjoy. So here’s to naivety and here’s to 30 years! Thank you for being a customer.

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Stay tuned for more stories and memories as we get ready for an exciting market season in 2016!

Meet Saint, the new Kalalou Cover Star!

If there's one thing for certain about Kalalou owner Susan Williams, it's that she loves her beautiful horse, Saint! And how could you not? Saint belongs to the Appaloosa breed of American horses, which is known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. He's also a proud graduate of the Ohio Police Academy, and from September through March, he spends most weekends fox hunting in Mississippi!

A few months ago, while brainstorming for the new Kalalou catalog, Susan had the wild idea of using her beloved horse in the cover shot. After some coaxing with a few of Saint's favorite treats, we were able to get that amazing photo which now adorns the cover of Fall - Winter 2015. And we couldn't be happier with the result! Featuring a wide selection of new and classic Kalalou products, it's our most eclectic cover to date. We hope you have as much fun looking through the new catalog as we had making it. If you haven't received your copy yet, make sure you get in touch with your sales rep or call 1.800.249.4229. Don't miss out on Kalalou Fall - Winter 2015!

Hot off the press!


Hey Guys!
The crew here at Kalalou is teeming with enthusiasm and with good reason!
We just got our hands on the new 2015 Fall - Holiday Kalalou catalog, and simply put….our amazing design and product development team has outdone themselves! This book is a breath of fresh air – if not downright stunning!  And it will be landing at your front door any day now! You’ll find it to be stocked full of the most incredible assortment of fresh accessories in the industry. And best of all, it includes well over 600 NEW introductions – the largest single introduction of new items in our 29 year history! Don’t just survive – let’s thrive in the second half of 2015!  We have a plan for you!  I encourage you to contact your sales specialist or make plans to visit us at an upcoming market and review what is sure to be the most exciting line in the biz! Let us help you become the most enlivened, fresh, and bustling business in town! Available at www.kalalou.com or by calling 1.800.249.4229.

Warm regards and a special thanks to all of our customers for their many years of support,

Josh McKay
VP Sales & Marketing