Meet The Kalalou Family: Morgan Stringer

Tell us about out your family.
I am the daughter of Chuck and Tammie Stringer of Jackson, MS. I am the only girl in between two brothers (which definitely works out in my favor sometimes :). Last year, I gained a sister-in-law and this May we will have the first baby of the family. I say she is the first baby, however, I got my little baby (my puppy) for Christmas this year from my boyfriend, James. He's a beagle, his name is Walker, and he has quickly become my favorite thing in this world!

Personal Style:
I would say my personal style is shabby chic with a Southern feel.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to be outdoors. In the summer, I enjoy spending time on the lake on the ski boat, jet skiing, swimming, bass fishing, you name it! In the Winter, I like camping and tailgating. I graduated from Mississippi State University and I love spending the fall tailgating and traveling to games.

I also really enjoy a good concert. My friends and I never pass up a chance to see someone we like live! I can't count the number of weekend trips we take to New Orleans or Nashville or where ever to see our favorite bands play.

What was your previous work experience before joining the Kalalou team?
Actually, Kalalou is the first full time position I have taken. I am the youngest sales rep on the team and came straight to Kalalou after I graduated. I did, however, work at C Spire Wireless as an Intern for a year during school. I learned so much from working in the telecommunications business and am grateful for the experience I gained.

What special skills or traits do you feel you bring to the Kalalou Team?
I feel that I bring motivation to the team. I am always very driven to succeed and I think that it brings a sort of determination with it.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job at Kalalou?
The relationships built with customers. I feel most fulfilled at Kalalou when I can help a person find that perfect piece to complete a look or that one gift that they've been searching for.

Favorite Kalalou Product:
The tilted pitchers. I love them for parties, showers, cookouts, etc. but also used as a vase for fresh flowers.


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