kalalou headquarters, jackson, ms

kalalou headquarters, jackson, ms

Do you see it?

Sometimes it’s challenging…. perhaps even obscured at times - by a world overcome with far too many self-serving agendas. But make no mistake, thankfully, it’s there!

In these waning days of 2017, many of us are still stretched pretty thin…. with so many tasks yet left to complete.  

But on this afternoon, fate has stepped in – I’ve slipped off to make good on a promise to a young man (my youngest son, Hayes).  So here we sit, nestled in a beautiful hardwood bottom overlooking the Big Black River in perhaps our favorite corner of rural Mississippi.  The weather is not cooperating, but the scenery, and company, are truly priceless.  As the afternoon slowly fades, and Hayes settles in for a nap – I can’t help but recognize that this was much needed therapy for my soul!  And in the serenity of the moment, I find myself reflecting back on this past year…. something I really wish I did more often. For it’s in this reflection that I’m able to find the balance, better yet, perspective, that far too often escapes me in the frantic pace of this life that we all lead.  And you know what? 

Beyond a needed self-assessment, I find clarity – I SEE it! I see it in every ounce of my mother’s actions – always making sure that everyone around her (even now) is taken care of – with never a “want” for herself. I see it in the relentless commitment of our team here at Kalalou – coming in early and/or staying late, helping the customer or teammate in the capacity needed, and with a cheerful heart.   

I see it in the retailer that puts their own personal needs/schedule aside and returns to the locked door after closing to accommodate a distressed customer. I see it in the many that prior to putting a single gift under their own tree, make it a point to secure a good Christmas for those on the Angel Trees. I see it in former Angel Tree recipients that remember what effect the kindness of others had on their holidays, and are now paying it forward by securing a great holiday for others that are less fortunate.



I see it in the simple sharing of an unexpected, kind word. “It,” simply put, is the unmistakable magic of the season….. it is love! And on behalf of our entire Kalalou family, this holiday season, may you - our valued customers and friends – count your blessings and revel in your own joys! We sincerely thank you for all that you do and wish you all the Peace, Love, Joy, and Prosperity that the season and New Year can bring!


Hot off the press!


Hey Guys!
The crew here at Kalalou is teeming with enthusiasm and with good reason!
We just got our hands on the new 2015 Fall - Holiday Kalalou catalog, and simply put….our amazing design and product development team has outdone themselves! This book is a breath of fresh air – if not downright stunning!  And it will be landing at your front door any day now! You’ll find it to be stocked full of the most incredible assortment of fresh accessories in the industry. And best of all, it includes well over 600 NEW introductions – the largest single introduction of new items in our 29 year history! Don’t just survive – let’s thrive in the second half of 2015!  We have a plan for you!  I encourage you to contact your sales specialist or make plans to visit us at an upcoming market and review what is sure to be the most exciting line in the biz! Let us help you become the most enlivened, fresh, and bustling business in town! Available at or by calling 1.800.249.4229.

Warm regards and a special thanks to all of our customers for their many years of support,

Josh McKay
VP Sales & Marketing