Orley “the white, shaggy dog”

“You are bringing the dog aren’t you?” I asked Bradley when I called to check how much longer they would be.

“Well, yes…OK.” he said, adding “I wasn’t sure you were serious the other day, but I’m bringing him.”  I had called to see how much longer the design team would be as the sun was beginning to set and the clock was ticking for that perfect light for that perfect shot.

The week before we had found the Pocahontas Trading Company overgrown and vacant for decades.  The front porch would be the cover of our catalog with our products perfectly placed and of course we needed a white shaggy dog. “ Good grief…” I thought to myself. “I’m glad I called.” I couldn’t imagine the shot without Orley “the white, shaggy dog”. 

Everyone showed up and the light was perfect.  Orley behaved like one of those dogs that does commercials after extensive training.  But, Orley has never had any of that…no, he came that way…laid back, sensible and always with a smile on his face. He did whatever was asked of him…posing and holding the pose for as long as we needed.  Trust me the hardest part of this cover shot was deciding what photo to use…there were so many great ones! 

Things went so smooth, it was done and completed before we knew it. “Well, I guess that’s a wrap.” I said. And, with Orley in tow we all wandered over to the cute little diner next door for a beer.  We sat around a table toasting our great success that day with Orley laying under the table. Oh yeah, the diner allowed pets…we wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

— Susan Williams