Meet the Kalalou family: Jill Cornette

In this installment of Meet the Kalalou Family we are very happy to feature Jill Cornette. Jill has been with Kalalou for 11 years, spending time in various departments before finally moving to her current position in Accounts Payable. She attended The University of Mississippi and moved to the Jackson, MS area shortly after graduation, where she soon began her tenure with Kalalou.

One thing that sticks out when talking with Jill is how important family is to her. “I am an only child and originally from a little town in North Mississippi about 45 mins south of Memphis.  I moved to Jackson after graduation to be closer to my then boyfriend (now husband).  I have been married to Justin for 10 years.”  Jill and Justin also have two children, a nine year old daughter and a two year old son. Jill says that family outings and projects are how she really enjoys spending her time away from the office.

“My husband has several antique cars he has restored, and in the spring and summer we will go to car shows with the kids. My husband loves antiques, especially antique cars. The kids both love to help him fix his cars in his shop.” Jill says that she enjoys these family road trips as a way to bond and at the same time help introduce her children to the culture of traveling and joys of supporting small businesses. “Whether it is a quick weekend trip to visit family or something farther away...  It’s always fun to explore a new city and check out the local restaurants. My husband and I both love to read up on eateries and shops before traveling somewhere and pick a few local places to eat; the ambiance is so much more fun than at a chain restaurant.”

Of course with all the school events and homework, traveling and arts and crafts, Jill is still just a country girl at heart. The kids love spending time outside and the Cornette family have made a home that suits them perfectly for this lifestyle. “I grew up way out in the country and my parents still live in the same place.  We have an old farm house on some land out in the county here.  I love not having neighbors right on top of us and plenty of space for the kids to run around.” And while she may be a small town country girl, Jill admits that she is not immune to some of life’s more modern indulgences. “I enjoy reading when I have time, usually autobiographies or romance books, but I also enjoy a good Netflix binge here and there.”

In her work at Kalalou, Jill has found another source of satisfaction, both personally and professionally. “I feel that I have learned a lot about the company in the 11 years I have been here.   I started as receptionist and a few months later moved to Customer Service.  I stayed in customer service for several years before I was asked to do Accounts Receivable.  I think doing Customer Service before I started Accounts Receivable helped me to learn the customer base well and know the types of customers we have.”

When asked about what she finds most fulfilling about working for Kalalou she attributes it to the Mom and Pop nature of the Kalalou business model. “It is great to work for two people who followed their dreams and built a company from the ground up over 30 years ago.  Doug and Susan (Williams) show great appreciation and respect for their employees and I think that is reflected in the productivity and atmosphere here.”

We also asked Jill for a pro tip recommendation of her favorite Kalalou product. “I am going to pick a product we have had as long as I have been here and probably longer.  The Glass Cylinders are still my favorite.  You can transform them for any occasion and they make the perfect centerpiece for any table.  I have given these for several gifts over the years and they have always been a huge hit.”


Special thanks from all of the Kalalou family, to Jill, for all your hard work, attention to detail, and always helping to make Kalalou a great company for our employees and our customers alike.