\ ka’-la-loo \

: a type of soup that is never made the same way twice, much like many of the company’s artisan products. The soup is made in a social environment of family and friends with many stories being told over the chopping of ingredients.




The days were 104 degrees with no rain in sight. We hammered, we sawed, we painted, and we caulked, and we caulked, and we caulked. We had never been so hot or dirty in our entire lives. But we had never been happier either. That pretty much sums up the house we built for Oprah's Angel Network. It was a Habitat for Humanity House built in our hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. We raised the money through the sale of one of the products in our catalog, and thanks to our loyal customers, we were able to donate the money to build the house. We began construction in tears and finished 10 days later in tears...of joy! Meria Robertson and her two children now live in that cute house...a very special house that is decorated with Kalalou products, of course!

[Kalalou and theOUTLET are constantly donating products for charity auctions, and always accepts pet supplies and food for donations to the humane society, CARA, churches, and other charities around Jackson]